Jamestown Advanced Powder CoatingOur Business Story

For over 35 years, our name — Jamestown Advanced Products — has been synonymous with quality.

We laid down our roots in Jamestown, New York in 1987, as a fabrication shop started by Jon Wehrenberg. Two years later, Jon’s daughter Wendi Lodestro joined her father at Jamestown Advanced Products. In 1991, Wendi’s husband Lee Lodestro signed on in an engineering capacity.

In 1994, Jon and his wife began touring the country, camping along the way. Throughout their travels, Jon began to note campground equipment that could be made at his Jamestown factory. In 1995, we began manufacturing a line of campground and park products.

In 1999, Wendi and Lee bought Jamestown Advanced Products, committed to helping her family’s business after her parents retired. In the years since, sales and employment doubled. Led by Lee and Wendi, Jamestown Advanced Products prides itself on being a woman-owned, American-manufactured sheet metal fabricator. In addition to our park, recreation and campground equipment, we offer custom sheet and plate fabrications, and electro-static powder coating services.

Our expertise in designing, welding and fabrication of steel products has enabled us to produce top-quality, American-made campground and park products that are extremely durable, yet competitively priced.


The New JamestownAdvanced.com

To better serve our customers, we built a new www.JamestownAdvanced.com — which makes it easy to browse and buy equipment from Jamestown Advanced Products. The new site features a new user-friendly design, a faster quotation service, helpful live chat, and e-commerce capability for easy and efficient online ordering.


Jamestown Advanced Quality CraftsmanshipThe Road Ahead

We are reaffirming our commitment to our customers with our new catalog and industry-leading web site. We have committed to being an industry leader and will not lose sight of this vision. Every day, we are working hard to continue to lead by creating new and innovative products to better serve the changing campground and park equipment industry.