Campfire Rings

  • 14364 fireviewring 155

    A product totally unique to Jamestown Advanced Products, the Fire View Ring’s unique cutout design gives you a complete, 360-degree view of your campfire fire for added ambiance

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    Fire View
  • 11284 non adjustablefirering singleflange grateup alt 110

    If gazing into a blazing campfire is as important as cooking over an open flame, the Jamestown Advanced Products Non-Adjustable Campfire Ring is the perfect option.

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  • 11285 adjustablefirering singleflange alt 131

    Enjoy the calm of a campfire and the joy of outdoor cooking with the Jamestown Advanced Products Adjustable Campfire Ring. The Adjustable Campfire Ring is our best-selling fire ring, allowing for safer cookouts while preventing fires of many sizes from raging out of control. An adjustable cooking grate can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the cooking surface.

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  • 13810 fullyadustable grateraised alt 135

    Control the distance between your campfire flame and your cooking surface with the Jamestown Advanced Products Fully Adjustable Single Flange Fire Ring.

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    Fully Adjustable
  • 11302 accesiblesinglewall 144

    Jamestown Advanced Products offers a line of ADA-Accessible Campfire Rings that ensure that everyone can partake in a fun campfire experience. All ADA-Accessible Campfire Rings meet ADA guidelines, and have a height of at least 17 inches.

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    ADA Accessible
  • 14331 2 2 accessibleswivelgrate 162

    Go from serving a meal to enjoying a campfire with friends in just a few seconds with the Jamestown Advanced Products Swivel Grate Campfire Ring. The 270-square-inch cooking surface swivels 180 degrees — from over the fire to completely outside of the campfire ring — for easy serving and fire building.

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    Swivel Grate

  • 14332 2 1 2

    This campfire ring can be easily operated with one hand and requires less than five pounds of force to move the grate. This ADA-Accessible product makes enjoying a campfire accessible to anyone.

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    ADA Accessible Swivel Grate
  • 11233 largegroupfirering alt 143

    When family and friends get together, everyone gathers around the campfire. Make sure there’s room for large groups and parties with Jamestown Advanced Products Large Group Campfire Rings.

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    Large Group
  • 14353 squareinsert alt 127

    Add ambiance to any outdoor evening with a fire pit, the perfect addition to a cabin, campsite or backyard. To ensure fire pit safety and stability, use a Jamestown Advanced Products Fire Pit Insert. Custom sizes and designs ensure the perfect fit for any outdoor setting. Each insert helps you keep fires under control, so you can focus on relaxing outdoors.

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    Fire Pit Inserts

  • Bolt up with remov grate up

    Perfect for residential use, the Bolt Together Fire View Ring allows a 360-degree view of the fire and is modeled after the commercial ring used in The National Forest and Parks Service. This fire ring features an easy, bolt-together assembly.

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    Bolt Together Fire View
  • 14354 roundinsert gridup detail alt 119

    Whether to enjoy a blazing campfire or to cook for a group of family and, Jamestown Advanced Products Fire Rings with Removable Grates offer extra ease of use.

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    Removable Cooking Grate
  • 12748 groundstove 165

    This Ground Stove combines the best features of a campfire ring and grill, making it simple to cook over an open flame without building a large campfire. This stove keeps fire contained, making it easy to cook simple meals while enjoying the outdoors.

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    Ground Stove

  • 13128 with dark contours

    One of the largest campfire rings available from Jamestown Advanced Products, this extra large campfire ring allows you to safely enjoy a large group campfire.

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  • Unnamed

    Create a backyard oasis with Jamestown Advanced Products Luxury Fire Pit Kit. Consisting of the same heavy-duty construction as our commercial fire pit inserts, the luxury fire pit kit features two fully-removable cooking surfaces and ash pan, an integral log grate and completely-welded, simple drop-in assembly.

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    Luxury Fire Pit Kit