ADA Swivel Grate Grills

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ADA Swivel Grate Grills

Jamestown’s ADA Swivel Grills make it easy for anyone to safely cook over an open flame. From grilling fresh meat and vegetables to cooking with pots and pans, this adjustable grill easily turns so you can adjust it over a fire.

  • ADA Standard Park Grill With Swivel Grate, Wheelchair Accessible With 3 1/2 Inch Outside Diameter Post

    # on a skid: 6

    Cooking Grate: Swivel

    Finish: Powder Coat

    Mounting Option(s): Inground

    Quote Only?: yes

    SKU: 15216

    ADA Standard Park Grill With Swivel Grate, Wheelchair Accessible With 3 1/2 Inch Outside Diameter Post. Submittal.

ADA Swivel Grills

With a 180 degree swivel grate and stay-cool spring handles, it turns easily with less than five pounds of force. Jamestown Advanced Products ADA Swivel Grills completely comply with ADA guidelines for access and operability.

Product details:

- Jamestown’s Swivel Grills feature 270 square inches of cooking area
- Includes a steel firebox, which is 20 3/8 inches wide, 15 inches deep and 10 1/8 inches tall
- The box also includes an integral ash retention flange, as well as drainage holes
- Constructed from 1/2-inch diameter heavy-duty steel rod, which adjusts from 3 1/2 inches to nine inches above the bottom of the firebox

Mounting Information

The ADA Swivel Grill is supported by a 3 1/2-inch diameter post, which measures 40 inches high. The theft-proof base allows the grill to attach to the post, as well as rotate a full 360 degrees for wind draft control. The ADA Swivel Grill also features a lock and key mechanism as a theft-deterrent, with no additional hardware required.

Jamestown Advanced Products ADA Swivel Grills can be mounted using an in-ground mount post or a pad mount post. An in-ground mount post should be placed into concrete at least 12 inches deep. A pad mount is used mounting on a concrete pad. The pad mount is supported by a heavy-duty, four-inch, reinforced post. The post mounting plate is 3/16 inches thick, and measures ten inches by ten inches. The pad mount is attached to a concrete surface using expansion bolts, which are not provided by Jamestown Advanced Products.