Recycle Across America

Recycle Across America Ellis Island Receptacle

Jamestown Advanced Products joins forces with Recycle Across America

Dual Stainless Trash/Recycling Bins in Liberty Park and Ellis Island from Jamestown Advanced are the first to feature the new Recycle Across America labels


Recycle Across America Ellis Island Receptacle

As the world turns towards green initiatives, recycling and the availability of outdoor recycling containers are growing needs for all parks, event centers, campgrounds, and cityscapes. Jamestown Advanced is looking to be on the cutting edge of the recycling revolution and partnering with Recycle Across America to use a standardized set of labels on all dual-purpose containers gives us that opportunity.


The standardized labeling system from Recycle Across America allows the public to better sort waste into the correct receptacles and increase the efficiency of waste removal. The commercial-grade trash cans and recycling containers from Jamestown Advanced are creatively designed to increase efficiency but also provide a unique appearance that does not detract from the surrounding environment. The featured photographs show Jamestown Advanced stainless-steel dual trash and recycling containers at Liberty Park and Ellis Island.


The standardized label set from Recycle Across America raises the bar for public awareness of sorting their recyclable waste. The clearly defined labels can help address the recycling crisis in the United States and Jamestown Advanced is honored to feature this label set on all trash cans and recycling bins produced at our facility. The color-based design of the labels helps you sort everything from aluminum cans to compostable waste or batteries and e-cycle electronics. The future of the world depends on our ability to return materials to their source so they can be repurposed and reused. Recycle Across America and Jamestown Advanced are excited about this new partnership and hope you see a growing number of our outdoor trash and recycling receptacles across campgrounds, cities, and parks throughout the country.


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