Jamestown Campsites Products

High-quality grills, campfire rings, storage lockers, receptacles, picnic tables, trash cans and more, built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and fit seamlessly in any natural setting.

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  • 100 bk line wide grill alt 042

    The nostalgia of outdoor cooking is brought to the forefront with Jamestown Advanced Products. Whether grilling in a campground or a public park, a Jamestown grill is sure to bring back memories of family picnics as the aroma of charcoal and food fills the air.

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  • 13250 24 30cubicfootstoragelocker 131

    Jamestown Advanced Products IGBC-Certified Bear Resistant Storage Lockers have been tested and approved by the U.S. Forest Service at Missoula Technology and Development Center, receiving four out of five stars for their durability and user-friendly design. Keeping food out of the reach of bears ensures a safe and clean space to enjoy the outdoors.

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    Bear Proof Lockers
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    A gathering place for every campsite, a fire offers a place to stay warm, tell stories and share meals with people who matter. And with a Jamestown Advanced fire ring, it’s easy to enjoy all the joys of a campfire with added safety and ease. These commercial fire rings are crafted with thick seven-gauge steel to keep the camp fire safely contained and come in 24-, 30- and 31-inch diameter rings to fit every fire.

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    Campfire Rings

  • 11316 lanternholder 211

    The Jamestown Advanced Products Lantern Holder helps shed light on any area, providing a safe and secure place to hang a lantern or other light source.

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    Lantern Holders
  • 11135 29 heavydutyadaassembly 020

    Whether you’re gathering with family to enjoy the outdoors or simply enjoying lunch outside at the office, Jamestown Advanced Products offers a wide variety of commercial picnic tables for all of your outdoor seating and tabletop needs. From campgrounds and parks to commercial locations and offices, we offer an array of picnic tables that can be customized to fit your environmental needs.

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    Picnic Tables
  • 13407 64galanimalresistanttrashandrecyclebin 153

    Trash receptacles from Jamestown Advanced Products not only provide a designated area for waste, they’re also designed with visual aesthetics in mind. Our trash receptacles blend in discreetly with the environment, but are still easy to spot for consumer use. Available in a variety of durable finishes and colors, these industrial trash receptacles will withstand wear and weather for lasting use.

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  • 13340 feepost 051

    Feel secure in collecting money with the Jamestown Advanced Products Park Fee Collection Post. The Park Fee Collection Post is drill-proof, pry-proof and pick-proof. It can be keyed to unlock single or multiple units. Additionally, keys cannot be reproduced without authorized verification from assigned personnel.

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    Fee Posts