Ground Stove Campfire Rings

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Ground Stove Campfire Rings

This Ground Stove combines the best features of a campfire ring and grill, making it simple to cook over an open flame without building a large campfire. This stove keeps fire contained, making it easy to cook simple meals while enjoying the outdoors.

  • 18 3/8" x 26 15/16" X 8 11/16"

    # on a skid: 20

    Diameter: 18 3/8" x 26 15/16"

    Height: 8 11/16"

    Mounting Option(s): Staples

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    SKU: 12748

    Ground Stove with Staple Anchors. Submittal.

  • # on a skid: 10



    Mounting Option(s):

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    SKU: 11277

    Staple (Single). Submittal.


- Measures 18 3/8 inches by 26 15/16 inches, with a height of 8 11/16 inches
- Additionally, the Ground Stove contains a 7 3/16-inch by 24-inch hotplate and a total cooking area of 172 square inches.

Ground Stove Accessories

- Staples – Two staples come with every ring, and permanently mount a fire ring into the ground. With staples, campfire rings can be tilted back for easy maintenance, cleaning and mowing.